New antivirus and antispyware suggestions

I want comodo research a new antivirus scanner not a bloat antivirus which it’s now but something like nod32 or f-prot. I’m not comparing with them. But something lighter and efficient and very competitive one. The comodo ceo said in the forum the next version would be lighter. Can someone forecast when will it be released? Other suggestion is to develop a separate antispyware also so effective and lighter. Thumbs up to Comodo. Best Regards.

CAVS currently uses less resources on my system than Norton or McAfee VirusScan and scan speed is far superior to the VirusScan - CAVS takes 20 minutes to scan my pc compared with 45 minutes with McAfee. I know detection rates are not quite there yet but I am confident they will be top notch soon.

I am quite happy with the AV scanning for both viruses and spyware - most antivirus software does this these days. BOclean is a great addition to the free products available and I believe the best way forward is to continue with CAVS improvements and also further develop Boclean, keeping both light on resources but effective enough to cope with any malware - putting HIPS into the equation means even better protection. I certainly don’t think a separate scanning program for malware is required if BOclean is used alongside CAVS.

For those who don’t want to use CAVS there will still be BOclean available which will provide great extra protection from malware. Also, there are many good free malware scanners available, many of these are currently undergoing new development (Ad-Aware 2007 and Spybot to name just two). I think Comodo should carry on doing what they are doing - continually develop their excellent firewall and continually improve both CAVS and Boclean.


I wouldn’t call CAVS bloated. If I sum up the RAM usage of its processes I get something like 40-43 MB, wich is far from 70MB that someone wrote here. This can be considerd too much, but the point is that I don’t feel it. I don’t have slowdowns, my computer is sunning smoothly. And its a 4+ years old one. (p4 2.4 GHz, 512MB RAM) I personally don’t care about the figures in task manager if my system is running smoothly. With avast, which is still light on resources in my opinion, my computer was running a bit slower, especially if all the “providers” were running. And CAVS with time just going to get better. Nod32 btw is one of the fastest and most resource friendly av out there, you are right. But its a “mature” program. Don’t forget that CAVS is still in beta.

40-43MB must mean you have disabled some of the normal options. Otherwise this is impossible. The two instances of the “engine” alone, cavse.exe, use almost 40MB. Everything running normally results in some 70MB RAM usage.

The two instances of cavse.exe generally use about 38MB on my system (when there is not much happening!). Total usage seems to be generally just over 60MB. However, my system performance is great, certainly better that with Virusscan enterprise or Norton.

Also, Melih has stated that the next released version will use less resources.


I did not disable anything nor changed the settings, exept the heuristics which are on high (default is normal)
Now nothing is happening and the two cavse.exe precesses are using ~15500 kB each. This is the amount of physical memory (RAM) used by the processes. I didn’t add the usage of virtual memory which is almost the same. If I take in consideration the virtual memory usage too then CAVS in total will use 100+MB. I thought that you only count the RAM usage as the VM usage column is hidden in task manager by default. Maybe if I had more RAM (more than 512 MB) it would use more of it. When my computer is idle all windows processes use bigger amount of RAM. This way its running smoother. What is the point in having 90% of your memory unused? That way the resources are wasted. When I start a demanding program, for example a game that requires large amount of memory windows takes care of the other processes (reduces their RAM usage to make place for the game) This aspect is said to be improved in Vista, which is why it has a higher idle memory usage.
I don’t bother of a programs memory usage if it’s smart. CAVS uses high amount of memory, I agree that it could be reduced, which is, according to Melih is already done in the next version. But dispite the high memory usage it runs fine for me, and I don’t think that CAVS is “bloated”
Feel free to correct me, I am open to learn new things. (and sorry for my poor English, it is not my native tongue)