New anti-virus test results from MRG (April, 2010) It's looking good

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comodo beats nod32 and kaspersky


I can’t believe that Norton beat Comodo! What a shame! :-\

Thanks for that!

no matter what we detect…we simply prevent!


No. WE prevent with your help. And YOU can DETECT. There’s a big difference.

Always good to see Comodo have a persistent good score in this test. :-TU

Bing. I agree totally. Sometimes it seems like Comodo is actually running as fast as we can from antivirus… ???

I think that the best approach is to stop the virus from running and not repairing the damage already done…
if HIPS works right, you don’t need to detect the virus in order to stop it.

So Defense+ stopped the virus from running… great… that is what I wanted in the first place. Do I really need to detect the virus or the system change??? You might argue that it is the same thing… maybe so… maybe not… I’ll let some-one else discuss that.

As for virus cleanning… picture this… a computer system is not self regenerating… so lets picture it as tire… you get a ■■■■■ into the tire, you find it remove it and patch the hole… Is it a good as new tire???

for me prevention is the key for sucess

How many times do we have to go over the fact that AV’s aren’t going away? Prevention is key, I totally agree but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t work hard towards having a top-notch AV. The AV is the “sexy” part of the suite, it’s the one people want tested, it’s the one reason you know who Avast/Avira/Kaspersky are. We should keep our vision of prevention, but we can’t deny (right or wrong) that people want a strong AV.

Ditto! :-TU

Until now People had no choice! That’s why there is a demand on AV.

Its a process of Education, but as they realise there is a “prevention” alternative, they will all see the light…

Antivirus is like a detergent, it can’t keep your pants clean! And can’t remove stains!


This is a so bad excuse to justify a bad AV… ;D
Anyway the test of MRG are not very representative since they are on demand

Click on the results of the ‘who is most trusted’ survey (same page)

Today Comodo tops the poll. Yipeee!


Hmm, I’ve seen a fair number of advertisements on TV for detergents that do remove stains. And I think there’s even some that provide some sort of stain-blocking feature (not sure if that’s something that might otherwise be bad for us, though)… :wink:


ps how many times did you vote? ;D

How is that a shame? Norton has always been one of the industry leaders in the AV field. I don’t consider it a shame but a testament to how much CAV has improved that it didn’t get beaten by very much.

What I meant was, that Comodo had been way ahead of Norton in their past analysis. I’m sorry to see Comodo fall behind Norton (which is, as you said, well respected). I’m hoping to see greater AV improvements in future versions (one being, the vast amount of false positives). I just sent in a FP today that was a regression.

Okay–I never saw an AV test where Comodo beat Norton. Every test I’ve seen before CAV got beaten by a lot more than in this test.

AV as a technology should NOT be used as the first line of defense! Any techie with an ounce of knowledge in the security field would tell you that!


I know that and in fact I dont use any AV.
But say that the AV is not important because your AV is bad… If someday COmodo AV is good I will say, “Jajaja You have lost your time and money making a good AV and is useless” and my argument will have the same strength than yours.

Comodo usually beats Norton here. They haven’t tested v4.0 yet.

that is not a av test, it is more of a zero day test, can the security system stop the following actions from happening.

I also hit modify instead of quote on your reply, sorry.