New anti-exploit technology, or enhancement of antivirus in it's capabilities

Just a thought that came to my mind. see if you guys agree or disagree.

The HIPS is anti-exploit technology.

And what is wrong with the AV?

I tested this. I ran a couple exploit pages. nothing was detected. but when I scan appdata and program data It found 3 threats. used Win 7 64-bit and Comodo Dragon.

Define threats. Are we talking about file running in memory, files sitting on the hard drive with no matching autorun or files on hd with matching autorun?

They didn’t seem to start any programs. I just copied a couple links from malware blacklist. Most of then were listed as a java script.

new anti-exploit technology → virtualized browsers :wink:

a rare java exploit kit → An autorun entry created by java.exe which is trusted by comodo BB.

+100 :-TU :-TU

It’s nice to know that the sandboxed web browsers protect form exploits and other malware.

+1 :-TU

Thanks. ;D