New and still looking for a Dutch tutorial

Since I installed Comodo personal firewall, I have a rather safe feeling. The only trouble is: I can’t find a Dutch tutorial. If anyone could help me on the right way? (S) (:LGH)
Nice to meet you!!

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I presume you’ve looked here already?,79.0.html

What about the Help files? Are they in Dutch?


Until now there’s no translation available, seems people are working on it but it doesn’t go that easy as the wished. Trouble is, I càn read and understand English, but it’s not my native language, especially some specific terms are rather difficult to translate. Included that the helpfiles are rather large.

Sorry the Dutch translations are not complete. I know at this point they are focusing on getting version 3 of the firewall out for public beta testing, and I think they will return to the languages after that.

So far you seem to be doing fine with English, from my standpoint. :smiley: However, I understand the difficulty that may bring.

In the meantime, please feel free to ask any questions, and we’ll do our absolute best to answer. There are a lot of non-native English speakers here that we’re able to help, so it’s not impossible. :slight_smile:


I keep returning, even now my probs seem to be solved. (other forum topic) Seems the translation will be on my own account, though not as complicated and more compact as the original file in English. The problem with non-native languages is, that technical terms don’t translate that easy. Misunderstandings do happen easily then. Hope the others will succeed before I do (:TNG)

I understand, cc-tje. After all, even some everyday language doesn’t translate that easily, and is misunderstood!

Best of luck with the translating…


ive just installed Comodo firewall , befor that i had Zonealarm pro firewall, just wanted to know is Comodo better , my comp is faster since i put Comodo on , but is there any tips Anyone can give me please . ? im not very hot on knowing if my firewall is up to the job. as i find a lot of them dont seem to give much info that the new user would understand .

Thanks Spy.

Hi spy and welcome to the forums,

There is a compilation of tutorials and explanations for Comodo’s firewall. It can be found at,6167.0.html

Not knowing your level of experience, the first two I would have a look at are

Internet and Network Terminology for Beginners,1126.msg7211.html#msg7211

Comodo Firewall Installation Tutorial Video

N.B. This flash tutorial was done for a slightly earlier version of CFP, but the principles in installation and initial configuration still hold true.

Hope you find these help, but if you need help with specific aspects of CFP, please post in the relevant sections There’s a great bunch of really helpful users on here with an exceptionally broad range of experience.

Remember - the only silly question is the one that never gets asked!

Ewen :slight_smile:

Hey hey, another “little” misunderstanding!! Mister Little Mac! (:LGH) This is the link to a German forum! Sie sprechen Deutsch!!! En ik ben Belgische en spreek Nederlands. Dutch is different from German, I even hate talking it. I found a topic on the Dutch forum, somebody should have made a translation, but has forgotten to give te right link.
I’m now balancing to turn to Comodo Anti virus too. At the moment I’m using AVG 7.5 free, the daily update is OK, but the daily scan is a horror every time, takes to long. So now I’m looking for a Dutch (Nederlandse!!!) translation for Comodo Anti Virus to :BNC
Love searching!!!

A thousand apologies! And thank you for correcting me; I shall endeavor not to make that mistake again. :-[


[ at ] CC-tje.
I’ve been monitoring this thread with growing interest and now I can’t hold back anymore… :THNK

You shouldn’t overreact about the German question mate! I’m Dutch myself and I got no probs what soever with German(s).
Btw. why all the drama about the language file? You seem to be able to manage English quite well?
Dus doe ff normaal !! (act normal) (:NRD)

To clarify things:
cc-tje is Belgian (Flemish) and speaks Dutch too like me. The other half of his country speaks French.
In a bad translation it’s called “the languagebattle”.

cc-tje is Belgian (Flemish) and speaks Dutch too like me. The other half of his country speaks French.
Don't forget the German part in our country. Dat heel klein stukje ;D.

(:SHY) Oops! sorry didn’t mean to make such a fuzzzzzz. I know I understand, speak and can read English, but these things are technical, computerterms, homebound however it’s called. I should feel safer if I could read it in my own language, now I’m often unsure to apply things or to change settings.
So I’m acting normal MikeV :■■■■, just want to be sure what I’m doing.

Ok now it all makes more sense CC-tje. (:KWL)
And I realise my first comment sounded a bit harsh so I apologize for that. (:WIN)
But…(omg, here we go) my version of Comodo Firewall is completely in Dutch. Maybe you’ve been looking in the wrong places?

And @ alaertsxan…indeed I forgot the German speaking part of Belgium. Sorry about that. (:SHY)