New, and need some advice.


Ok I am a bit of a newb when it come to this, so I could do with some help please. I need an SSL Cert for a site I am hosting on my server, I am hosting a few sites over the one ip using multiple host headers with IIS. The site in questions is an ecommerse site. do I need SSL for the individual sites or can I use it for the server itself?? If so do I specify the clients domain name or my servers domain name?

Sorry for my ignorance :slight_smile: and thatnks for your help


Unfortunately the one IP address is a limiting factor when it comes to SSL as you can only really host one SSL certificate per IP address that you have.

So there are two options you have for this.

1 ) Apply for one SSL certificate for each Site that requires it and assign each of those sites with its own IP address.

2 ) You could look into an MDC or Wildcard certificate which would allow you to add multiple domains in a single certificate on a single IP address.

** a warning on the 2nd option **
This option requires very specific server environments and will not work for all platforms and also requires a high level of technical understanding to make this work correctly and should not to be attempted without complete confidence on your technical abilities. Due to this Comodo does not provide step by step technical assistance setting up the server infrastructure to get this working. We will assist in any specific certificate related problems you encounter and provide general advise on this.

If you wish to look into the second option I would recommend testing this internaly and getting this working correctly before investing in the full certificate.