new and confused

I am a new user and have 408 files waiting for my review. I have no idea what’s what with ‘untrusted’? What do I do? and how do I know which are which?

Open CIS>Defense+>My Pending Files
(or just click __ files are waiting for review under Proactive Security in summary screen)

Click on LOOK UP after selecting the entire files (you can just click on the box beside All in the upper left side of the opened window.

Comodo will make an online lookup of the pending files and will move the ‘safe’ file to Comodo safe list. For the left out ones, if you recognise the program, normally the program name will be there in the path, you can move it to ‘My own safe files’ (Select the files one by one and click on ‘Move To’ - My own safe files.

Hope this helps

thank you it does.