New AMD Quad-Core CPU

Here’s the story:

Looks like a winner to me.


Ah, the world of competition… ain’t it grand? :slight_smile:

I’ll probably never see one until they’re 3 years out of date, LOL. And that’s when I’ll be upgrading from my P3 500MHz!


Don’t know what the price is but I’m pretty sure I’m in the same boat as you. :smiley:


You’re lucky you haven’t encountered the 100% cpu bug :o.

‘Tis by the grace o’ God, I’m sure… :wink: (if He cares about such things as my computer experience…)


(S)He (yes, we have to be politically as well as religiously correct here) does care if people treat their computing life as their life itself.

BTW, being completely clueless, what do all these “core” cpu means? I think I just have a single core or no core at all lol. (Pentium 4).