New .277 Version - Same Problems As Before. Maybe SOMEONE can help???

I tried the 277 version and again was forced to uninstall. For whatever reason, the version 3.0 will not play nice on my computer. I cannot gain access to any of the control windows (ie, fire wall settings or Defense + settings) without the GUI shutting down as soon as I attempt access to any of these settings. The cmdagent does remain in running process but I have to restart the program to return it to the taskbar. This problem occurs even in Windows Safemode. There isn’t even a log of the GUI crash in the log windows.

Windows XP Pro Service Pack 2
AMD Athlon 64 3500+ 2.21GHz speed
1 GB of Ram memory
NVidia GeForce 6200SE Graphics card
Logitech wired mouse
SyncMaster 941BW Flatscreen Monitor

Softwares that might impact:
Nod32 Anti-Virus (not running during Comodo Firewall install)
Acronis True Image Backup v.11
Acronis Disk Director Suit v.10
O&O DiskImage 2 (forgot I had this and plan on deleting it.)
Windows Defender (not running during Comodo install)

I did a thorough uninstall of .276, rebooting, search for any left over Comodo, removed all Comodo entries in registry, rebooted, installed new .277, rebooted. For now, I’m sad to say, I’m done with Comodo version unless this issue can be resolved. I have returned to the older version which has none of these issues but has its own “pain-in-the-a**” issues which are minor issues and can be lived with. I’d really rather use but it’s not possible at this time.

Seems to be only you. I have no issues at all. Use Revo Uninstaller in advanced mode.

I have Windows XP Home 32bit with 1GIG of RAM, I have no issues.

Try installing in safemode??

Yeah, Safemode made no difference. I’m convinced it is a driver or service or software conflict but what driver or service or software causing the conflict I have no idea. I am certain it is not Comodo Firewall in itself but something in it is conflicting with something else on my machine. I say that because the version has no such conflict. I wish I knew enough to know what to look for. I don’t.

The safe mode install trick doesn’t work on v3 as reported in the past, so you have to narrow down the conflicting driver from some other software somehow.

Are the 2 Comodo drivers present in Device Manger’s hidden devices?

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