Neverwinter Nights Diamond + GTX295 + Vista 32

I just installed Neverwinter Nights Diamond in my gaming PC:


video card: nVIDIA GTX 295

OS: Vista 32bit Ultimate

Ram: 4GB, 3GB usable due to Vista being 32bit

It epic SUCKS…er fails, I mean.

I have used the 2 official patches, tried to run it, no go.

I tried to run it using Windows XP compatibility mode, with all sorts of compatibility options and combination of said options, to no avail.

In fact, I feel like I can only play this in an XP system…which is my laptop.

It would be nice to play it in my gaming PC. I am yet to finish all of it.

Any suggestions?

Install XP.
This is the only way.
I think you like games including old games.

Use Dual Booting.
XP+Vista or XP+Windows 7.

Dual booting…yes.

My friend BMK tried a lot of OSes in a single system, just for fun.

Weird. Then again hey, he is better at computers than I am. I am only good majorly because of him.

Dual booting sounds like a solution.

The 1.69 critical rebuild patch of NWN Diamond is suppose to address Vista specific issues…

…so why da heck it won’t?

Because it’s an old game and they don’t have to develop it.

The marketability is not good anymore.

But I am yet to finish it! Waaaaaaa!