Neverending update

Hey, sorry if this sounds familiar, I think I read about this problem on the boards a while back, but I dont know if a solution was ever found, the forums are too big for me to find a concrete answer so I hope you can help me.

For the last month or so I keep getting a small update reminder appear in my taskbar whenever I turn on the laptop, and whenever I click update, it does its downloading thing then tells me to restart the laptop, and afterwards I just get the same updater again. I’ve ignored it for the last month but decided to give it another shot today but its the same thing all over again and I’m kind of tired of this updater sitting there in that corner and Comodo not being up to date.

I’m on Vista SP1, Comodo 3.8.65951.477 at the moment.

Thanks for any help.

Hello, Beatnik. Welcome to the Forums.
You may find your solution on this post:
I hope it helps you.

I only have a config file that has a notepad format with text for updating and other text for things like installation mode. If I delete it, won’t that mess up the other items in the notepad?


[attachment deleted by admin]

In the Highlights section of the CIS Summary screen, there are messages that display as links.
This file looks like it contains these messages and others. I renamed the file and restarted CIS. I didn’t have any issues so I renamed the file back to the original name.
As far as other items, I cannot say for sure. The file size is only 2.98K. Why not just leave it?

Good catch on the highlights link. Are you saying you renamed the cisinfo file and it stopped the update popups, then you renamed it back and are still OK? I can live with the popups if no easy/safe fix for now.


I didn’t experience any issues. But, since the ‘update’ bug reset all my trusted vendors I have left the vendors alone for now and have not seen that bug since.
Have you tried Ronny’s suggestion:
as that may offer some resolve?

Yes, I looked at that. The only file I have is the one in my post above. The cisinfo file, which doesn’t look like it should be deleted. I thought that is what you were referring to when you said you renamed the file. I just removed some trusted vendors I did not recognize and know how they got there. I.E. PalTalk and Opera and PGP. Unless, through a download of a product I consider safe and were tied to it.

Sorry, just found out those vendors were CIS generated and have reappeared. Gues I will leave them there.


They should be removable with the next release of CIS.

Thanks John,

I will leave all alone for now.


Thanks for the help guys. I’m still at a loss as to what to do. I mean there’s Ronny’s VirtualStore deletion option, though I’m reading conflicting information in this thread and am confused whether to delete anything or not. In my folder I have two folders ‘database’ (empty) and ‘themes’ (two files) and a cisinfo file (ini file).

Ok to delete them all or not?

Also, another member mentioned ‘sig: 692’ in his post, and I was wondering how to find out that small bit of info for my version?

[at] Beatnik,
Your AV database version is found in Miscellaneous/About. Current version# is 1051.
You should only see one ‘Database’ folder and one ‘Theme’ folder. No, please do not remove them. there should be files located within the database folder, and the ‘Themes’ should also be a folder with at lease one theme file located within.

Just out of curiosity, when you installed CIS, did you deselect the AV (just install the firewall w/ D+)? This might explain the empty folder and why you might not see a database version#.

Hmm, yeah I only seem to have serial and product version in About.

I dont remember deselecting anything when installing CIS, but I dont have Comodo’s AV because I dont think it was available for Vista when I bought my new laptop (I was using Comodo firewall and AV on XP on my PC before). Is Comodo AV ok with Vista now? I’m using Avast for anti-virus needs, and Comodo as my firewall.

Everything was fine late last year, nothing was conflicting. Everything seems fine now too, except for this neverending Comodo updater problem, where it seems to download something and install it, but once I’ve rebooted it, its as if I never ran the updater. I suppose I’ve missed out on tons of virus definitions all this time too?

If you wish to have the AV included with CIS, run the uninstall/upgrade (from your Start menu/Comodo/Comodo Internet Security). Select the option to add, and check the ‘AntiVirus checkbox’. Click the ‘Next’ button and it will install the AV onto your system.

To be honest I dont feel like using anything else from Comodo these days, not until this updater problem is resolved. I’ve been using Comodo for almost two years now I think, and I know you have to be on top of things with it and put some effort in, but I’m slowly getting tired of that fact, and would rather a firewall just do its thing without bugging me all the time. Especially if its bugging me with the fact that its not working. :-\

I dont even see any traffic on the main page of the firewall anymore. Or active connections. Ok, I think it just died.

Maybe I should try deleting and re-installing the firewall…