Never Updated..gui bug?

I have just upgraded from CIS version 5.12 to CIS version 6 and am still learning the gui. I have noticed that there is a “Scan” in the taskbar. I happen to install just the firewall of the cf_installer.exe (no AV as I have Avast).

Also I clicked “Update” in the taskbar and checked/confirmed I am updated(I believe it’s the program, yes?). After the window closed the home GUI still showed, “Never Updated”. Tried to re-run “Update” again but the home gui still showed the same. Why? Is this a bug of some sort?

Can’t I just place “View Logs” in the taskbar? Can we edit that portion? Would be nice if KillSwitch will also have the Firewall/D+ events etc…

How about the font size…can’t I reduce it’s size?

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You can add the “View Logs” (or any other Task Icons) to the taskbar on the Main screen by right clicking on the icon and then clicking on “Add to Task Bar”. You can then drag the icon on the TaskBar to replace another icon on the TaskBar until you get the order of icons you would like.

Thanks for the reply. Did just that and it’s okay!

Any word on the “Scan” , “Never Updated” and font size…? Anyone…

Thanks again :slight_smile:

The “Scan” icon will run the Reputation Scan (since you do not have the AV installed); this checks the Good / Bad / Unknown status of files in common run locations on your system. You can read about the Scan fuction in the Help > Online Help web page.

It says never updated becuz the AV is not installed. It doesnt check for program updates just AV