Never Offered to Save Login Data

Comodo Dragon never offers to save username & password data when I sign-in to any accounts. In Settings, Passwords And Forms, both boxes are with checkmarks in them. I have tried in regular mode and in Incognito mode. I consider this to be bug unless some other settings need to be made to force the two checkmarks to work.

{Laptop (Toshiba Satellite), Windows XP sp3, C D v19}


Remembering passwords does not work in incognito. Even when a password is already saved, when you load a login page in incognito mode, the login information is not automatically filled.

Click the “Manage saved passwords” link next to the “Offer to save passwords” option and check if you have any websites listed in the “Never saved” section, or if there are any saved passwords. Please list the websites on which you have tested in a non-incognito window.