Never expected to see CIS here:


WOW! Nice! Congratulations to Melih and the Comodo Group.

Not only is Comodo #1 on the list, but it says 92.3% of people buy the product!


Wow, that’s a great result!


That’s not a dot.
It’s a grain of salt.

Why paid version of CIS ?
How different in protection and security compared with free version ?

The proportion of people that buys the product seems to show the people who buy from that site only. It’s a sales article, not serious review in my opinion.

  i like the defense+ and the sandbox. good work

You’re right its not a serious review nor the highly respected Matousec Proactive Security Challenge nevertheless in this rather odd case it is still much better for Comodo to be receiving praise at the top of the list than to be at the bottom alongside McAfee.


Wal-Mart says stretch pants are stylish, too. :-TU :smiley:

And quite often you see them 1/2 off!


Well of course they only get paid for a referral for a paid software. It is worth reading the actual review.

The funny thing is that their Security Suites review doesn’t have Comodo in the list, so maybe that will be next and should be high on that too:

This review site has always come high in Google search results which should make Comodo better known to average users, although it is unlikely to impress the “experts” on another forum I won’t mention just now.

Pants or price?? :smiley:

If the discount is deep enough…both!


No price is high enough. :smiley:

+1 I’ve seen that site before, they’re just there to promote and sell software, without any knowledge of anything. They didn’t test anything, they just base their chart on popularity may be, and the central point is the link to buy ;D

The review is very detailed, so I wonder who wrote it? Panic maybe?

Of course they claim that the lowest yearly price is $49.95, when it should be $0

They are selling the Pro version there and the review includes TrustConnect and Live Support.

I ain’t returning mine!!! :slight_smile: