Never ending popups asking for the same permission again and again


I installed the bookmark manager PowerMarks ( on my computer and it tries to connect to the Web, which is OK. COMODO Firewall v3 asks me whether I would like to allow this or not. I already gave the permission to this program to access the internet but the popup comes up again and again. I made PowerMarks a trusted application, checked “Remember my answer”, but the popups just don’t stop. What could be the problem and how can I fix it? My OS is Windows XP SP2.

I am running Powermarks under Vista with no problems. Are you using the latest version of CFP3? Take a look at firewall/advanced/network security policy to be sure PM is listed as a trusted application. I have it listed as a Web Browser. Are you running a proxy Anti-Virus like Avast! or other security software?

you might want to try just clicking Allow with remember me ticked and see if it asks again when you try it again. otherwise if that don’t work then trying treat as install/updater with remember me ticked might work instead of as trusted application. the reason for that is if Powermark creates a new file whenever it is launched then the firewall won’t ask permission again and just allow it to happen if Powermark is treated as an install/updater

just something you might want to try and see ^

I tried all combinations I could think (“Web Browser”, install/updater, trusted application), but it didn’t help.

I am definitely running the latest version of CFP3 (updated today).

I checked firewall/advanced/network security policy to be sure PM is listed as a trusted application, I already did that before and what I found were several entries of PM (identical duplicates as well). It seems like an entry was created every time I gave permission to PM. I deleted all entries but one, which lists PM as a trusted application. That didn’t solve the problem either.

I am running NOD32 v2.7 as a resident virus scanner.

The “update” function is broken in CFP. Go to miscellaneous/about and make sure it says If so, delete ALL of the entries for PM and try it again. When you get the popup, select it as a Web Browser. When do the popups come up-every time you run pm, or at times during a single run of pm? And do you get any Defense+ popups?

OK, good to know. Did a manual download of the most current version and installed that one. It is version

I don’t get any Defense+ popups. The popups come up every time I do something from within PM that requires an internet connection or when PM does something by itself that requires an internet connection (like checking bookmarks automatically).

I deleted all entries for PM and selected it as a web browser when the popup came up again. Problem still occurs. I guess it must have something to do with my installation of Windows XP if nobody else has this problem.

What exactly is PM asking to do when it connects to the internet-usually it lists a protocol & port? Under options in PM, are you using ICMP packets in Status Checking and use a LAN? Or do you have use proxy checked in the next entry? Is there anything in the firewall log?

What I always get is this:

pm.exe is trying to connect to the Internet. What would you like to do?

Application: pm.exe
Remote: some number - ICMP

Security Considerations
pm.exe could not be recognized and it is about to connect the Internet. If it is one of your everyday applications, you can allow this request.

O Allow this request
O Block this request
O Treat this application as …

O Remember my answer

OK Cancel

Well, I tried everything I could think of, all possible combinations of the above and the things that were suggested in this thread. But the popup comes up again and again.

I also uninstalled both Comodo Firewall Pro and PowerMarks and reinstalled them again but the problem was still there.

Maybe such variant:

Set pm.exe as trusted application in network security.
Go to miscellaneous->settings->parental control->set password and place tick “supress the firewall alerts…”