i have cis 5.8 installed on my laptop and it popped up asking about the network that it found,it was my wireless connection at home ip being i went to work i turned on the laptop and connected through my wireless connection at work and cis did not ask about the network ip there a reason that its not askin about that wireless network?

Because both networks are similar 192.168.1.x

so i set the network at home as trusted through cis,does this mean the network at work will use the same settings as a trusted network?

If CIS didn’t recognise your work network as new, it probably means it’s using the same subnet as your home network:


As far as CIS is concerned, it’s the same network, so whatever settings you have for one will apply to the other. If you want to differentiate the networks, you can change your home network to use a different subnet:


Just make the changes in the router and let CIS see the new network, just rename the zones…

i appreciate the help but where in the router settings do i go to change that?i dont want to use the same settings for both networks.

It will be under DHCP settings.

ok in my router settings i se it says start ip: & end ip: you saying change this?what do i change it to?does it matter?hope ya dont mind all the questions but i know very little with this kind of stuff.

There are three settings you’ll need to change for the router to be able to support a different net network:

The router address - Currently this is probably although on some routers it may be, this should be changed to

The DHCP start address -
The DHCP end address -

You could create a smaller subnet but you may as well keep things simple, so just use the above numbers.

i get this when trying to change :The DHCP IP address range does not conform to the connection IP address and the DHCP subnet mask.also the ip is 108.32..

Change the router address first.

The 108.32.. is your WAN address (you might want to edit your post to hide the last part of the address) Basically, a router has two interfaces, one that faces the LAN (typically 192.168..) and one that faces the Internet. The LAN interface address and associated settings are the ones you want to modify. The WAN (Internet) interface address is probably acquired via DHCP from your ISP, although it could be static. Is your router supplied by your ISP? (make/model)

i found the ip you were referring to and changed that and the start&end ip to what you said then rebooted router & pc.cis popped up askin about the network.thats what i wanted.i want to thank ya Radaghast you were a big help,much appreciated