NetworkLocation [malware] object performs malicious activities

I just did scan of my phone(redmi 3 pro, miui 8) and
comodo found that NetworkLocation is malware with description:
object performs malicious activities
so i checked and found that i have two installed NetworkLocation
one is ver 1.1.16 - 3.5MB File and 2nd is ver 3.7.8_a010 - 1.31MB File
when i’m taping Fix problem, comodo can’t do anything about it.
I also can’t uninstal it manualy. Device is not rooted and running on original chnese software.
Anyone got similiar situation or can help me solve this problem?

Best regards

Hi ,

Thanks for reporting us, Can please provide us following information :

a)Are you download app from google play store or any other website or redmi app store ?(please share us app details link)
b)Can please share apps downloadable link (or) upload apps to any public share link and share us link.
c)Can please provide us screen short of detection.


a) Well i didn’t install it. I think that they could be included in something that i installed
b) don’t have link because i didn’t aware installing it, I’ve uploaded Network Location “probably clean one” (AMAPNetworkLocation)
and NetworkLocation “malware one” (MetokNLP)
c) I’ve attached prtscr’s

PS. I noticed that one app is named Network Location and second NetworkLocation
Comodo is showing this one without space beetween Network and Location, this is one with ver 1.1.16 - 3.5MB


Thanks for submitting files, We are check the issue and "" was empty folder.
We have collected “MetokNLP” Package.


strange… i upload it again