Networking(safe, unsafe, CONFUSED)

Ok I just dont get how the networking zones work in comodo.
I just installed V3 and when I connected to my home network I got the prompt about whether I want the network to be trusted or not, ect. I chose to trust the network and it seems to work fine I can get to the shared folders from my desktop.

Well what about when I go to school tomorrow. How do I set this network to not be trusted?
Will I get the prompt again when I try to connect and I just dont check the box? What about the IP/mac address settings. I didnt set anything for my home network so I think it just set up basic 192.ect rules. Well how will comodo handle the new connection from my school. I don’t know mac address/IP for that network so I guess comodo will just give it the same basic settings. So how does it know which network I’m on?

I hope this makes sense…

Nevermind, I’ve dumbed comodo.