networking for noobs [RESOLVED]

Hi Guys, noob here wanting to set up a small network but getting more and more confused.
What I have as a set up is:
2 pc’s-connected by ethernet cable to a router
the router is connected to a broadband modem via ethernet cable
the modem is connected to my isp (cable-virgin media)

both pc’s use win xp sp3 (different discs)
both pc’s have comodo firewall
both pc’s have network magic free sofware

I dont have to use network magic but someone told me it was better to use this than not.
What I want to do is this…share info between the 2 pc’s and to share a printer that is connected to one of the pc’s.
I am totally lost with this …please help

Hi Guys, I really need some feedback here.
Anyone ?

What you have described sounds fairly straightforward, and CFP should be pretty much properly configured out-of-the-box. Crazy question, but have you tried things to see if it is actually working or not?

If it isn’t working, or working quite right, then the fastest solution would be the CFP Stealth Ports Wizard (open CFP, the click Firewall → Common Tasks, Stealth Ports Wizard). The option you want is “define new trusted network”, and follow the prompts.

Note that for Windows networking to properly do its stuff, you have to include the LAN broadcast address in your network zone. This is typically the x.x.x.255 address (as in If you don’t include that address, things will kind of work, but it’s not quit right.

Try that, see what happens. If there’s a problem, we’ll work from there.

thanks grue155
I have now managed to print from one pc to the other
for the help…i hope this is now ok

Also keep in mind that if having problems with new setups to first make it work “without” firewall’s and stuff.

After you’ve got it working trow in the firewall’s that way your sure the problem is in the firewall config and not in the basic configuration itself could save you some hours of troubleshooting (:WIN)

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