Networking and uTorrent


I have a network of two computers in my house, directly connected with a cat-5 cable, with no router. Both machines have comodo running on them, however, I can not configure comodo to allow utorrent to connect properly from the machine which is not connected directly to the internet. The internet works fine on both computers, and I have managed to get utorrent to work correctly on the host machine. I assume I need to configure the firewall on the host machine, but I have no idea what to do.



I have followed this guide:,1125.0.html , and I still cannot get utorrent to connect. Even when I turn the network rules off. What am I doing wrong?


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That explanation of the Network Rules should serve you well (provided it made sense to you…). ;D

If you have internet connection on both computers, you have a good start. You will need Comodo on both computers configured for utorrent, though. Here’s a link to pandlouk’s tuttorial/explanation for that function:,411.0.html. I think you’ll find your answer there. He specifically addresses emule and bittorent, but notes that it’s applicable to any of them. On the first page, a user states he finally got a green light for utorrent using those rules.

You’ll need to turn off UPNP and random port in utorrent. Also, this post by m0ng0d has a screen shot of Network rules including a torrent rule:,3652.msg29390.html#msg29390

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PS: After creating your torrent rules, be sure to reboot your computer.