Network Zones

My accidently unplugged my cable modem while I was connect to the net. When it came back up, CIS New Network wizard popup. It caught me off guard and I dont know it I hit ok or cancel. I went into My Network Zones and it shows only the Loopback zone. I don’t even know if I got this wizard during the install.

I am running one PC directly connected (no wifi) to the modem. Everything is running fine. I just want to make sure that I haven’t lowered my security and exposed myself. What is the correct config. for my setup? I saw that some users say that they have a LAN #1 entry with the same setup. Did I accidently delete something? By the way, I disable the Detect new network so that this does not happened again. I did not know to do this before.

It would be nice for there to be a list of default setting for users, in case something gets changed. Thanks. I am still learning. There is a lot to know compared to ZA. I am liking Comodo better, just trying to keep from messing up stuff. Thanks for all your help.

If you re-enable detection of new private networks, in Miscellaneous-Settings-General, you should restore your LAN. You can then turn it off again if you wish. The unplugged cable notification would have been to assign a new IP adress, I get that if my wifi notebook has been on standby.

I think I figured it out. “My Network Zones” is only supposed to have “Loopback”. I don’t think anything else is supposed to be there. I have one PC connected directly to the cable modem. Everything seems to be working. I just hope that my security is not weaken or I am exposed since I do not have a “Local Area Network #1” entry.

Even though security won’t be compromised, if you enable ‘detection of new networks’ if should be recognised and shown in ‘network zones’, if you use a LAN based connection like ‘always on’ broadband. However, for dial ups, there won’t be any network zone.

I keep getting this pop-up and it is a nuisance. I am tired of clicking “Close” to get rid of it. I have one home computer and it is not connected to any other computer. I checked “My network zones” and it only has one entry for “Loopback zone”. I really don’t know what Loopback zone is about.

If I uncheck “Automatically detect new private network” in Settings, will this affect the security? How else can I get rid of this constant pop-up?

Thank you

Open CIS>Miscellaneous>Settings>General

untick ‘automatically detect private networks’

It is not a security risk.

Thank you