Network Zones: Internet Zone


In CIS7 there is a firewall option that allows you to specify network zones. Basically you can put stuff in here like localhost zone (, and the LAN or Home Network zone ( I have some applications that I would like to allow to connect to the internet, and receive connections from the internet, but not from my local LAN… or (since I like to complicate things) any other IANA reserved addresses like,,, etc - see Reserved IP addresses - Wikipedia - I am unsure whether this is a complete list of addresses to be excluded or not to be included in the “Internet Zone”. So I was wondering, if there is an easy way to define a new “Internet Zone” in the network zones tab. This would basically include all valid public IPv4 addresses that can be reached online.


Try inverting the logic, allow all, except the local network & reserved IPs. It would be a much smaller list.

But that wouldn’t show me any alerts for the local net & reserved IP’s, would it?