Network zones and internet connection confusion

Hi forum

Ill make this as short as i can ,
I bypassed my router and plugged in the network cabel direct to the wall lan socket , waiting thinking comodo firewall would discover a new network .
The connection indicator icon on the lower right didnt show a connection so as expected it poped up a new network zone with the good old 169.x.x.x range ,
so i clicked the third network chooise dialog then waited a few seconds the connection icon on the right went hey youre connected to the internet ,
i waited a few secconds for firewall to pop up a newly discovered network zone for this new connection but it didnt.
I scrached my head went into infotab on network connection and the ip was 100.x.x.x , i went out on the net and did a portscan at ports seemed to be stealthed but ip was now 7x.x.x.x .
So how could i have internet access and be firewalled dispite that the new network didnt get discovered by the firewall ?

Are you sure the IP was in the 100.x.x.x range and not in the 10.x.x.x range? The latter is a local IP address which is handed out by the DHCP server of a router.

GRC will show your external IP address. Hence why these IP address ranges differ.

Yes ip was 100.x.x.x just read mail from my ISP its their private IPs assigned from their private internal network when i directly plugged in my lancabel to the wall.
So any reason why comodo firewall recognise my router as a new networkzone but not my ISP internal network as one ? and still seem to be firewalled?
Musnt things you want to be firewalled be assinged as a network zone?