Network Zone Question

Whenever I start my computer I get a message asking if I want to add a new zone.
I am behind a Linksys router and do not share files or printers with any other PCs that hang off the router.

I recognize that is my computer’s IP address.

My question is: Do I need Local Area Network #1?

I have deleted it and things appear to be working normally.


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No, you don’t need a Local Area Network unless you plan on having a home network, perhaps share files, printer etc… But Since you don’t use that you might as well avoid having a allow rule like that.

You just can leave it there. It doesn’t do anything. It is only there for the user’s convenience. It is useful in the case where you want to make that zone a trusted zone using Stealth Ports Wizard.

You can either choose to leave it; it won’t change settings so it doesn’t change your security situation. Or you disable the automatic search for new private networks under Miscellaneous → Settings → General. After disabling you can delete the found network zone.