Network Zone MACAddr Apparent Failure

I have included all my IP-capapble devices in a Network Zone by MACAddrs. I have set a Global Rule allowing said zone global access w/ logging. In attempting to RDP via TightVNC from within my LAN using my WAN Address (testing RDP/VNC at this point), I find access Blocked and Logged showing my own WAN address in Firewall Log. I’m certain that no Global Rule contradicting the rule just described precedes said rule. My current belief is that this indicates the MACAddr is not being tested to validate access. I’m running WinXP Home, SP3, and Comodo CIS Version: 5.10.228257.2253.

Have I overlooked something? Is this a known issue? I’ve found nothing searching the web or Comodo’s forum relating thusfar.

Thanx in advance for your time and efforts. And thank you for such a fine software tool at my price point!