Network zone config lost after reboot

Hi guys,

I have some trouble with the configuration of my network zones in Comodo Firewall Pro
After a fresh install of the firewall (no update) I configured the LAN zone to the IP range of our company network, but after a reboot this setting will be set to the host ip and according subnet mask.
I disabled the setting “Automatically detect new private networks”, but the same result.


Are you remembering to hit “Apply” once you’ve made the changes? Sometimes it’s just something simple.

Hi Eric,

I’m sure that this is not the problem. I don’t worked with Comdo Firewall Pro for the first time.
I found out, that deleting the auto-created Network Zone an d create a new one manually solve the problem.
Is this a bug or something like that?


Reading through the Bug Reports board here: There does appear to be a couple of simular network zone issues. Hopefully a number of these will be fixed in the next CPF release.