Network Wizard


Installed the Firewall on my Wireless laptop yesterday.

I have a home network - I ran the trusted network wizard and now my other machines can access files as before on my laptop - great. The wizard sets up the router address - my question is when I take my laptop out of the house and use a wireless hotspot it is quite likely to also have the default address of - does this mean Comodo firewall will think this is trusted and allow access to my files? I used to use Zone Alarm where you could place a network in th e trusted zone by using the unique SSID that was broadcast - is this possible with Comodo?

I have also just noticed that sometimes when I boot-up Windows thinks there is no Firewall running.


ps The other machines in my home network run windows64 - are there plans to make Comodo products run on x64?

Thats a good question, will a x64 version of CPF and CAV be developed?

You’re assumption is probably right Harvey… the rules would be allowing communication, assuming people on the other side of the hotspot were looking for you.

From what I’ve read in the forum… the earliest a x64 version would be available is 2007.