Network Time Protocol - NTP - Time synchronizing problem

Hey guys, got a problem with the time sync on my pc - when I click update now it tries to connect to but always fails. so i found a topic on it in the windows help and support center and it says i may need to unblock the network time protocol in my firewall - which is comodo firewall pro. i haven’t got much of a clue how to use comodo though, so if anyone can guide me through what to do that would be great. thanks

Hello Sam and Welcome to the forums.

Try putting D+ and the Firewall in Training mode and then run your update, it assumes what your doing is safe and will record it so when in a mode such as safe mode, it won’t alert you. This is also usefull for running games. But don’t have it in Training mode all the time… Cause is assumes everything your doing is safe.

Then switch back to another mode (Most Use safe mode)
Failing this… I hope someone gets to you soon :slight_smile:

hi there im sorry but i have no idea what you said. i cant see any sort of training thing in the comodo application

Open up Comodo. Look at the Proactive Defense security level. You can click on it. If you installed Comodo it should be in clean pc mode or maybe safe mode if you changed it. Once you open it you can change the slider up and down. Also do the same for the firewall. But honestly Comodo doesn’t block the Windows time. I just did as I typed and it works fine. Go to run and type “services.msc”. Look for the Windows Time and make sure the service is running and set to auto. Also its a good idea after installing any software to open up the program and familiarize yourself with all its settings and functions.