Network svchost problem


I recently installed CPF on my desktop which connected directly to the internet. However I noticed that after a few hours the internet on my laptop (networked to dekstop via RJ Crossover cable (No Router or anything)) loses its internet connection. I had a look in the logs of CPF and sure enough at the time the internet went out I get a “Application Access Denied (svchost.exe:” log. I went into the application monitor and added svchost.exe with the rules to allow everything but it still wont let me recconect to the internet. Im sure its the application monitor because as soon as I turn Application Control Rules off the internet on the laptop works again. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.


P.S. The internet works the whole time on the desktop so its not Internet connection or ISP issue.

I have also noticed the only eay to fix is the restart the desktop. Restarting CPF doesn’t seem to help any. BTW, I have only made rules for the Home LAN on network settings, not for my modem becuase it seems to work anyway without rules.