Network sharing disabled

I get the message:

\Desk\share-c is not accessible. you might not have permission to use this network resource

now after running Comodo Registry Cleaner and File Cleaner on my three XP Pro sp3 computers. this only happens when trying to reach shared drives on one of the computers. the other two computers can still reach the shares on each other, and the ‘problem’ computer can still reach the shares on the other two.

I’m not using “Simple filesharing”, I’m using “XP Pro filesharing”.

any clues, please?

Tell us if you used CSC 2.0 or CSC 1.1 and please post the logs for the 3 cleaners in CSC. You can find the logs in the "Program Files\Comodo\Comodo System cleaner" folder; each log has the name of the cleaner(CRC, CDC, CPC) and is represented by a text file.

And did you used “malicious entries” in Registry Cleaner?

Thank you for your support.

version 1.1.64946.38 (I downloaded it 24 July 2009); logs attached (I ran it multiple times, I hope that didn’t wipe out logs of the first run!)

I don’t see a “malicious entries” in Registry Cleaner (but under my “Settings”, “Scan for unsafe entries” is NOT checked).

many thanks for your reply; I’ve spent many hours trying everything I could google (including disabling my Comodo Firewall 3.10.102363.531), and appreciate your help, please!

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Until we figure out what is the source of the problem you encountered, you can try to restore the backups created by CSC before the clean process took place.
First, start with CRC and go to C:\Program Files\COMODO\System Cleaner\Backup\ and restore this backup registry file: 24-07-09_10-19-15.reg. As your CRC log shows, this is the first backup created for the first clean you did and also the larger one. After this, check if the network problem still exists.
Your help is highly appreciated.

I restored that backup, and then later restored the other 6 registry backups, but that computer’s problem (denying sharing over the network) did not change.

any other ideas, please? (my plan B is to restore a now-6-day-old backup image of my system drive.)
thanks in advance, Cassiopeea Ursu!!


FYI, I went ahead and restored the 6-day-old backup image. problem solved. which surprised me somewhat, I guess restoring the registry backups didn’t undo the ‘damage’ of the registry cleaning, since rolling it back to just before CRC was installed did the trick. sigh, I guess I’m not gonna ever CRC this computer (which happens to be the newest hardware, and freshest install, I have). in any case, many thanks for your time and help, Cassiopeea Ursu!!