Network shares blocked

After updating CIS from version 3 to 4 every time I restart windows I cannot access my network shares. If I turn off the firewall I can access all shares and then I can turn it back on and still access all shares. So I can get to them I just need to disable the firewall and then re-enable it. Version 3 worked fine, version 4 has a problem. 4.0.141842.828

The default Global Rules changed from being asked for incoming traffic to default stealth.

You need to make your local network a trusted zone.

First look up your IP address and subnet mask. In Windows go to Start → Run → cmd → enter → ipconfig → enter → now lookup your IP address and subnet mask.

Second create a zone in My Network Zones (Firewall → Common Tasks). Choose Add → A New Network Zone → fill in a name like My local network → Apply. Now select My Local Network Zone → Add → A new address → choose An IP Address Mask → fill in your local IP something like 192.168.1.x usually and your subnet mask; usually → Apply. Now check and see the new network defined. Exit using Apply.

Now we are going to use the Stealth Ports Wizard to make your local network a trusted network (Firewall → Common Tasks):
Choose “Define a new trusted network and stealth my ports to EVERYONE else” → Next → choose “I would like to trust an existing My Network Zone” → choose your local network zone from the drop down box at the bottom → Finish.

Now check your Global Rules and see your network added.

There is nothing under Firewall–>Common Tasks called My Network Zones. There is also nothing called Global Rules to check. When I installed CIS it added my network connection at that time.

I an sorry about that. I keep those little tutorials in Opera browser’s Notes. With v4 My Network Zones changed location so I need to adapt it.

My Network Zones and Global Rules can be found under Firewall → Advanced → Network Security Policy.

Now we’re working. My local network was set up in My Network Zones but was not listed as a trusted network. Once I added it as a trusted network it showed up under Global Rules and everything works. Thanks for the help.