Network Settings.

I have noticed that the windows firewall has a public,private and home network settings option.
Could somebody be so kind as to tell me where i find these settings in the comodo firewall please as i fail to see them anywhere or does comodo do this automatically.?

Thank You.

They are in… Advanced Settings - Security Settings - Firewall - Network Zones. There you can select public or leave it as home network.

…and if my network isn’t there…then what??? ???
(Win 8 Pro 64b / CIS 6.2.282872.2847)

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Create one manually. For some reason when I installed v6.0 it never detected my network even with detect new networks checked on my laptop, but it did for my desktop. I just set the correct IP range manually, and ran stealth ports. Then checked the correct ranges where applied to the System rule in Application Rules.