Network security

I have recently gotten a pop up warning from CIS that a specific IP address was trying to set up a network to monitor my internet activity. I went to the Firewall settings to block that specific IP address, but I got the same IP address flagged again afterwards. The pop up warning was promoting Trust Connect, which for home use in a rural area on a wired connection seems like overkill.

Our family was recently contacted by Aammyy scam people with thick Indian accents. I interrupted a family member that was already into the process of them trying to get onto our family computer when I unplugged them. When I checked into the IP address that was listed by CIS it was listed on the Internet as an Indian tech company. So part of my concern is that I may have the IP address, physical address and name of the company of the Aammyy scam people.

The Trustconnect alert is from CIS. You can disable these alerts under Firewall Behaviour Settingss.