network security policy

salve cercavo l’ aiuto di qualche esperto di comodo firewall 3

vorrei cercare di settare al meglio la network security policy è da un bel po che sto usando comodo

ed è un firewall meraviglioso però ho sempre dei dubbi su le regole che ho impostato vi ringrazio in anticipo

buona giornata a tutti

Sto utilizzando un mezzo di traduzione. L’immagine delle regole soddisfa

quale immagine scusa

kyle ci sei???

immagine della vostra politica di sicurezza della rete per favore se potete parlare inglese che sarebbe buono:)

ok hours I try to speak English
in the network security policy in application rules for each program or file we put kind of rules for emule, windows live messenger, etc.
as regards Internet explorer and mozilla firefox I put those default namely those of web browsers and up here we are.
instead for other things as I need to do?
for svchost.exe, files system that the rules have to give?

Hello, Sorry for the trouble.

For system Files such as Svchost most people use “Out going only”

And for other applications such as games you could use “Trusted Application”

If you want more information on this you can go to;
Comodo → FireWall → Advanced → predefined policy’s → edit
Comodo → Defense+ → Advanced → predefined policy → Access rights ->Edit

Hello Kyle

thanks for having responded send you the image of my netwrk security policy

for your opinion what do you think?

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Ah excuse Here are the other

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ah forgot to tell you that I am connected to the network through a router

Hello and thanks to answer

Hello, I am also connected behind a router and I also have the same global rules as you do.

Your Firewall rules are fine, I do not know of some of the applications you are using however if they are safe applications then you have nothing to worry about.