Network Security Policy - Purge

When you purge the NSP, you get a list of files which don’t exist on your system anymore, so that you can remove them from the Policy. What I’d like to see is checkboxes by each file, so that you can remove only the files that you want to (with a Select/Deselect all box too).

This would help people (like me) who run some apps off a USB drive, since if I purge NSP after I remove the drive, those apps rules would be removed, therefore resulting in the popups again when I next insert the USB drive.


Beanie :slight_smile:

I think Comodo would be better off having an option to scan these files and removing them if they’re not found (automatic instead of manual).

I posted something along those lines a while back :wink:;msg250548


Beanie :slight_smile: