Network Security Policy List - Remove Missing Applications

I should write about this before I forget about it.

So, we got the dangerous “Purge” button, why not having a Remove button with options to remove the rules of removed/uninstalled/missing applications ?

Because we are lazy to manually remove them :stuck_out_tongue:

That is exactly what the Purge button does. Have you ever clicked it ? ;D

Nope. I never use buttons like Purge on any applications :smiley:

Just clicked it and it wants to delete an entry for Wow.exe and it exists :smiley: That’s why I never trust Purge-likes :smiley:

Some applications using launchers create another exe whenever are lauched and delete such executable afterwards.
This cause the executable to not be there when purge button is clicked.

It might not be the case of WOW but I hope you won’t mind to confirm that wow.exe was there specifically after purge deleted wow.exe rule.

and if this happens even attempting again after rebooting.

If that is the case it looks like you can lend some help to reproduce another issue related to addding wow.exe certificate to trusted vendors whereas in some cases it CIS was not able to see wow.exe (and thus its certificate was not added to trusted vendors)

it is unclear why this happens but it looked like it was not strictly related only to wow.exe path (though the path might be relevant to reproduce the issue in some cases)

Perhaps a full installation of WOW is needed to reproduce that issue or the issue might be erratic (might not be predictably confirmed with the same results over multiple attempts on the same system).

Wow.exe always stays where it’s installed.

I’m not even using Defense+, only Firewall. I don’t like tracing all the changes to system or files. It’s just a home computer. So if wow.exe exists in the same folder as in the rule, it shouldn’t care about a trust-list, just don’t show it in purge list :smiley:

Or maybe they could add a light version of Purge that only checks the exe files if they exist or not.

PS: Just checked Purge list again, now it lists all World of Warcraft executables in the list and it’s false since the directory is correct and those EXEs are all sitting there :P0l Comodo doesn’t like WoW :stuck_out_tongue: