Network security policy is not updated automatically

When i start openoffice writer and click on check updates comodo firewall issues a warning soffice is trying to connect. after allowing it to connect to internet ,if you go and check in network security policy you will not find a rule for soffice

  1. if you have allowed a program to connect to internet its rule appears in network security policy. Now if you remove the program rule from network security policy using remove button and then you restart the program it connects to internet and no warning or message is displayed nor program rules are created automatically I am using curren version of comodo firewall 3.20.320

Not true. With Comodo there are 2 warnings. There are firewall warnings and D+ warnings. You need to identify which ones you are getting. Some programs connect via the firewall and others through D+. If you remove both entires then you see your alerts again. Its also depends if the program is white listed.