Network Security Policy - hard to find anything!

I was found this topic:

Is from 2008 and is a shame that nobody even answer this guy!

I used Sunbelt Personal Firewall on XP (unfortunatelly - disconitnued). Maybe that was not fastest firewall but for sure was really useful with his nide designed logs, lists etc. I was hundred of applications and still find anything was few seconds, adding log request - one second etc. etc.

Now I’m trying to use Comodo Personal Firewall and it’s really painful! I want to change one stupid rule and finding program on list takes lot of time! When I click “Network Security Policy” I have all programs expanded and sorted by… hmmm, who knows, maybe by author’s shoe size.

Please - make any “find as you type” filter or whatever! Without that using Comodo Firewall is really painful.

Hello, rekkoo!

Here I organized the poll about this question:

Topic: Fast Search feature in Network Security Policies list

Please vote there.

Thank you.

I voted but what is the point to making votes anyway? If 1000 people votes for good weather then stops raining? It’s not democracy (or, more proper, majority dictatorship). Only programmers decides what they want to do. Our job is to complain about anything we think is worng. We should not pretend that we decided about anything. :slight_smile:

I haven’t voted for this as I think it’s unnecessary and what’s really needed is to sort out the list so that it’s easy to find stuff without searching.

I made this thread in June showing how Kerio’s presentation was much clearer but no-one seems interested in fixing up Comodo

I also made these threads about how annoying it is for Comodo to add new rules to the top of the list but nothing’s been done about that either.

I need to look around at alternatives as it’s too much of a PITA managing Comodo’s list as it is and I see no prospect of it being improved any time soon.

@doveman: Sunbelt Personal Firewall is Kerio’s successor.

Yeah I know. I tried it but it’s horrible in comparison and hardly worth of being called it’s successor