Network Security Policy (Firewall)

Just out of curiosity… Which is more safe in network security policy (firewall)? Safe mode or Custom mode?

Thank you ;D

If you want full control over all applications use Custom Policy Mode. If you are ok with allowing white listed applications then use Safe Mode.

Thank you… ;D One more Q… What does firewall button ‘create rules for safe application’ does? Do I need it with safe mode?

It isn’t necessary in safe mode because that is already the default behavior.

With this option disabled, safe applications are automatically allowed to access the internet. No need for an actual rule that specifies this behavior.

With this option enabled, the firewall will create an actual ‘allow’ rule when a safe application is run, which is a bit redundant if this is already the default behavior of the firewall. However, this can be useful if you plan on editing the firewall rule for a safe application, as it will create the stock rule for you, but if not, just leave this option disabled.

I see… Thank you very much ;D