Network Security Policy Bug ( X32)

After last update via built-in updater i can’t add any rules in Network Security Policy->Global Rules. I try to enter single IP as shown in screen1, and it says “An invalid argument was encountered!”. Same with any IP and in Destination Address tab too. Moreover, I can’t add rule with port option only too.

32bit WinXP SP2, Defense+ fully disabled, Firewall in Safe Mode. NOD32 v3. Administrator user.

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Same here on xp home sp3 x32, admin user,too.

The same thing on Vista x32 :frowning:

For me everything is fine. Windows XP SP3 PL 32-bit.

I was running ok, until just now.
I was changing a Firewall rule from Opera, the original rule was source any dst some ip address src port any dst port 443. All i wanted to do was change the dst ip to ANY and it prompted me that such a rule already existed ?!

And that was absolutely not there, just 2 other rules but nothing with dst port 443 in it.
I ignored the warning message and applied the policy.

It’s not the same error but it’s close i guess.
Vista SP1 (UAC), x32.

Problems with “My Network Zones” - CFP forget a new “Blocked” zone with a few addresses, CFP doesn’t save my “Blocked” zone created. Even if I export the configurations, there’s no “Blocked” zone when I import the configuration saved before. Also, CFP doesn’t “Automatically Detect New Private Networks” neither save the data.

See the bug report at;topicseen and see if going back to 3.0.24 fixes it for you.