Network Rules, eMule, utorrent... I lost it

Ok. I lost it. Many posts, many different stories, but I can’t seem to get anything working the way it should.

In my application monitor bit, I got programs allowing inbound connections. Which I find weird, because they are not really inbound connections, simply because the only Network Rule allowed is TCP/UDP Out. Not inbound in there. But the applications run fine. What kind of inbound is this?

Second the Network rules. The only thing allowed is TCP/UDP Out, the rest I got blocked. Fine, but my eMule and utorrent don’t work now. So I will have to add some TCP and UDP In ports. But how and where (order) do I place that.

Please help me out.

I got eMule and utorrent working now, the FAQ is great. Though I still don’t understand why some applications use Inbound connections (mainly to IP= or IP= or my local IP=192.168.1.***). Why is that? Is that a connection from the internet, or something internal?

This normally means that the application has set-up a port to Listen for a connection. You see an internal/local IP address, because the connection is open on your system. Some applications do use this for internal reasons (eg. some AntiVirus email scanners set-up local connections for your email client). But, AFAIK, this isn’t the case for either eMule or uTorrent.

Is this what you meant?