Network repair odd message

When I try a ‘repair network connection’ in windows XP SP3 I get a message from Comodo ‘New private network detected’ with an address of
I’m using an Edimax wired router with three Pc’s attached and a Netgear PS121v2 print server as my local network with IP addresses in the range to
Any ideas why Comodo comes up with this message ?
I’m running Comodo v3.5.54375.427

Hi CeeVee777,

Usually that happens when connection went OFF, say blocked by user (or probably any other reason) and then comes alive.

I was asking the similar question in the past (it was CFP Unfortunately the forum search didn’t give the result (probably due to expiration). But I saved some in my documents, so I am posting it here including responses I got from guys. In addition there is a link (see below) which I found during the search

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Here is a scenario I can replicate as many times as I do the following: - Security level set Block All; - Force the computer to go Stand By; - Wake up the computer - Comodo displays the following Notification about New Private Network Detection with the same IP (see the image) [url=][img=][/url]
These are private addresses for LANs that are not directly addressable from the internet. It is assigned to one of your computers. See, for example. Don't know enough to say why you get the scenario you describe. Edit: Ah, yes, I should have recognized the IP as the one I get when I try to connect to a node that won't serve me with DHCP.
When you block all then your pc is not able to get an IP address so what it does is assign itself one which is always gonna be 169.254.x.x. This will be on the interface that is trying to get an IP address. This is what is called a private address and it can't be routed out to the internet. Anyway when you do a whois for that ip it will not find a server with that range of ip addresses as there is no such thing as far as the internet goes. This is normal as Windows does this if you can't get an IP address.

This address is used for MS ActiveSync and the like for a local USB hookup to sync devices to your pc. It also has some other uses but you get the point.


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