Network problem

My Comodo Firewall (v3.10) is configured to accept connections from others computers in a network, by setting a IP range in Network Zones.
That was working perfectly until last week. This week I couldn’t access other computers through the Windows Explorer neither access this one using any other.
If I turn off Comodo everything returns to normal, as should be. But the firewall disabled is not desirable, of course. :wink:
What may have happened? What should I do?

Sorry my bad English…

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Can you post a screenshot of the firewall logs? They can be found under Firewall → Common Tasks → View Firewall events. Can you also show a screenshot of the Global Rules? They can be found under Firewall → Advanced → Network Security Policy.

Here’s the images

[attachment deleted by admin]

What I see on the firewall logs is internet traffic being blocked. What sort of connection are you on? Cable or DSL? Do you use a router?

No, actually these logs aren’t from internet traffic, but my attempts to access the computer shared folders through the private network.
As I’ve said before, this operation had no problem, but now… everything is blocked envolving this PC.

Thanks for your attention, Eric!

Two things. Is this a VPN connection or a LAN connection, if LAN why are you using 152…

In your Global Rules you are not allowing NetBIOS traffic In.

I found the solution. In Application Rules there was a block in System… I removed that and it’s fine now.

Thank you once more.
And my apologies to the moderator for create this post in an inappropriate forum.