Network problem

Good morning,

I installed Comodo Firewall and it was working fine but since a few weeks I have troubles :frowning:

There are 2 networkcards in Computer1, 1 to connect to the internet and 1 to an hub, hub is connected to Computer2.
I used the add trusted zone wizzard in the Comodo program for both networkcards.
All other firewalls are turned off

So far so good, it’s working for a week but then I get a message on Computer2 that there is no network available. Checked properties of the Comodo Firewall, re-installed it, nothing worked. De-installed it and my network was working again (duh). Played with the windows firewall/zonealarm, disabled/removed both of them and installed Comodo again and it was working for 1 week again. This happened 3 times now and it’s a little bit frustrating on a Saturdaymorning to find out Computer2 has no internet :wink:

Hopefully someone is able to help me because I still (L) :slight_smile:

ps: computers are turned off at night, maybe it’s because Comodo installed an update and is changing something in the properties???