Network Printing

I love the firewall, this is the first problem I have had with it. It doesn’t seem to allow me to print, even if I go in and allow my static IP. Any ideas out there guys. Thank you.

Okay, so you’ve got a networked printer, and you can’t print on it…

Did you set up a Zone for your network (so as to include the printer & other network resources to which you need access), and then run the Network Wizard to set that Zone as trusted in the Network Monitor?

That would create In & Out rules automatically to allow traffic across that trusted Zone/Network.


PS: Welcome to the forums! I saw your other post, and I’m glad you like CPF thus far.

Thank you Little Mac, yes I believed I did, but I will double check that. I did use the “Define a New Trusted Network” if that what you mean. The only thing I didn’t set was the Gateway to that network. I will keep trying. Thanks, I love the software and the forum. IT people always love forums. (:NRD)

Little Mac I’m still having problems. I look in the log and I get a “network Control Rule ID=9” Reason. Does that help?

Okay, will you do two things for me…

Go to your CPF logs, right-click, export to html, then copy/paste that as text in your post.

Capture a full-screen screenshot of your network rules and attach it to your post.

You can mask any IP addresses or other personal/sensitive information you don’t want others to see; just leave enough of the IP addresses to show a match where applicable.


Little Mac can I send direct to you, maybe via a Email?

I can PM you.

Yeah, PM me…

Okay then, to tidy up, a quote from our email…

Thanks for all the help Littlemac I got it working now. I had blocked ?spoolsv.exe? that I need to have unblocked. I should have known that. I cleaned up those other problems, and I reentered the block & log so that it will stop all the none issue items. Thanks for all the help again, and hope to see you again online.

Glad that’s worked out. Here, cool off a bit… :■■■■ ;D

If you’ll go to your first post in this topic, click the “Modify” button, and add “[Resolved]” to the subject line, either before or after your original text, that way other users will know there’s a potential solution if they’re in the same situation…

Glad to have helped, however little that might’ve been… (at least we got that block rule back in place!)