network printer problem (on maxtor nas) [Resolved]

I’ve only seen that log entry one time. And I can’t find a “system.exe” file on my system to add to the App Monitor (also note that as I posted above, completely disabling the App Monitor doesn’t fix the problem).

The ip address of my network server - - is within the range of my network zone, which is set to allow all IP In/Out within the network. Just in case, I set up additional rules specifically allowing all IP In/Out and all TCP/UDP In/Out to and from the network server’s ip address. Still have the problem.

Well, hmmph! (And I’m sure you feel like saying much more than that…)

Will you do the following:

Open CFP to full screen. Access the Network Monitor

Capture a screenshot, and save it as a JPEG. You can edit out any IP addresses that you don’t want to post; just leave enough to show a match where needed. Attach it to your post under “Additional Options.”



Network rules are attached.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Okay, tnx.

Rules ID 7 - 15 appear to be redundant, based on Rules ID 0 & 1 (as the IP ranges fall within that allowed ruleset). If have found that combined In/Out rules don’t work as well (IMO) as separate In and Out rules, due to the Source and Destination reversals with each direction of traffic. I presume you have added these rules in to try to fix the network printer problem.

I suggest removing those rules (ID 7 - 15); this leaves you with your two Trusted Zone rules (ID 0 & 1), the default CFP rules (ID 2 -6), and the default Block All rule (currently ID 16).

Then Edit both Zone rules (ID 0 &1), and check the box “Create an Alert…” Click OK. Reboot when finished. Try to access the printer. Since those rules are now set to create log entries, you should see something specific from the network monitor.


I believe I fixed the problem: I re-downloaded/re-installed the driver for my printer (Samsung ML-1710 – did the “Repair” installation option), and it seems to work fine now!

Not sure why that worked! ???

Well, hallelujah, Capitol K!

I’m glad that’s working now. If you run into more problems with this, and need to reopen the topic, just PM me or one of the other Moderators.