Network monitor.

When trying to open some ports for my Xbox 360, I see that I need to do it through the “Network monitor.” Problem is, I have thoroughly looked through every area of Comodo and I CANNOT find anything labeled “network monitor.” Where is it?

Open CFP, click Security and then Network monitor. By the way, are you sure that you’re using CFP 2.4 and not 3.0?
If you are, open CFP, Firewall->Advanced->Network Security Policy->Global Rules.


I’m using 2.4 on my laptop (which corrupts my CoffeeCup FTP Uploads) and I cannot locate the file path you refer to.

Hi Timbuk2

With the CPF interface open you will see a button at the top labeled “security” click that and you will see on the left another button labeled “network monitor” click that one. You can do your modifications in this section.


Hi, this is an unrelated question, but it is about the Network Monitor so I figured I wouldn’t start a new thread about it, but instead I would ask it here. If I have the Network Monitor set to OFF, will the rules still be followed (ie: if one of the rules I’ve set is to block any IP In/Out, will it sill block any IP In/Out), or does this deactivate this function. In the help part of CFP, it says that turning Network Monitor off will only turn off the notifications. So what I’m asking is, will turning off Network Monitor compromise my security at all? Thanks.

My understanding is that turning off the Network Monitor will leave only the Application Rules in place, and not do any other packet filtering. That is a reduction in security. I haven’t verified that this is actually what happens, but turning off Network Monitor doesn’t sound like a good thing to do.

Yes, I finally found it and was able to make those modifications, but it still blocks my uploads to my ftp site. I’ve just gotten into the habit of closing the firewall when I need to do some things.