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have a couple of questions…just downloaded the firewall and it is working great!on the network monitor…my IP OUT is allowed and IP IN is blocked…is that the way it is supposed to be at default and what is it doing???this is a incoming and outgoing firewall???(not like windows firewall which is just a incoming only)…running a linksys router with wep and spi firewall on(being wireless)no conflict with each i hope…thanks…any help would be appreciated (R)…do i have to add my network to the trusted zone…if my internet is already working?sorry…so many questions? ;D :smiley: :slight_smile:


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CPF (Comodo Personal Firewall) is indeed a bi-directional. statefull packet inspecting firewall that operates on the network and on the application layer. You shouldn’t have any problems with the hardware you’ve specced above.

I would define the IP range of your home networkas a trusted zone. In setting up the zone, please bear in mind that that is all you’ve done, just defined it. You then need to add a rule that allows IN and OUT from the defined zone.

Hope this helps and again, welcome to the circus.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Welcome to the comodo forums
For CPF (Comodo personal firewall) ip out is the outgoing data and ip in is the incoming data. Tha difference is that this rules is applied for every IP. For Example when your Computer sends data is considered source IP and when it receives is consindered remote IP.
And yes this is the default options. If you wish to add other rules spost them up because the rules are applied from the top to the bottom.
You can add your network at the trusted zone. It will help resolving some problems with emails and other programs
ps. that is why the forum exists, To let the developers and us (users) help each other.

thanks for the quick reply…added my network to the trusted zone and went back and both ip in and ip out are allowed now…is that o.k.? and being secure and all? (R)

If they are over the default “block IP in rule” yes

Once you’veset the rule for the trusted zone, use the UP button to move this rule to the top of the list, as CPF executes the rules in the order they appear in the rules list.

Hopethis helps,
ewen :slight_smile:

i forgot to mention i deleted the previous 2 that were there on the network monitor after i added my network to the trusted zone and now they are the 2 that say ip in and ip out allowed (then should be only 2 there anyway----right—since i only have 1 computer and network)…i will leave as is ip out and in allowed…is that ok and secure… (L)

i think we posted at the same time…was what i did ok?there only 2(ip in and ip out) on my network monitor now…the ones that i put to trusted zone…any thing else you can think of to set up would be appreciated…sames like its working great on my regular email and my pop3 account too… (L)

:o You shouldn’t have deleted the default rules.

what should i do?

Click right button on mouse and then “add rule”
1st rule:
Action = allow
Protocol =IP
Direction= out
Source IP = Any
Remote IP = Any
IP details = Any

2nd rule:
Action = block
Protocol =IP
Direction= in
Source IP = Any
Remote IP = Any
IP details = Any
Then place the 2nd rule at the bottom :wink:

ok…in order on my network monitor are the 2 from my trusted zone

ip 0…allow…ip out…any…zone(my network)…any

ip 1…allow…ip in…zone(my network)…any…any

then the 2 i just did

ip 2…allow…ip out…any…any…any

ip 3…blocked…ip in…any…any…any…is this right?why do the defaults have to be on here anyway??? ::slight_smile:

OK. You are done. Congratulations :smiley:

thanks…i added something on the bottom about the default… how good is the anti-virus going to be(still in beta i guess?)use avast!pro now on my alienware aurora M770 notebook and works great ;D

Because the rules are applied from the top to the bottom. If you want to add new rules that bypass the default ones they have to be placed at positions over the defaults. If not the defaults will be applied first and your other rules will be at no use. :wink:
CAV is great for a beta. For the moment laks a bit in definitions but I think that pretty soon will become one of the best antivirus programs. If you want to give it a try remember to uninstall yours first because it doesn’t coexists peacfully with the other a/v programs.

so the order i have is correct?..what i’m using as my network is first then default second…correct…thanks for alllll the help…hope that guy on that problem with my network is not working gets everything going… (L) (R) (V)

wait till the antivirus gets out of beta and into full version…had trouble with beta stuff in the past :o ;D :smiley:

Yes the order is correct. ;D

thanks for everything…out of here and out into the real world ::slight_smile: ;D :smiley: (R)