Dear all, I hope you can help me with this little trouble.

It’s the secon time I re-install CPF because I receive a pop up that say “Network Monitor is turn off (or similar) reinstalling Comodo Personal Firewall can solve the problem”

The first I receive this “memo” I restart my pc but after the restart the message appears again so I reinstall CPF and now after i think 10 days it appears again. And if I go on Network Monitor and try to turn it ON it remain turn off.

Is that normal? How can I solve the problem? Again with reinstall?

Other little question: On my pc I have 2 account A and B. The PC is always on and the account A is always on too. But sometimes my husband turn on the account B and when I pass from account B to A the security of Windows says me "Your firewall is not active, but if I see the log og the firewall I see that it operates during all the day. Any idea???

Sorry for my errors, I’m Italian and is not so easy to explain a problem like this in english.

Many thank for your help

Hello together,

i have the same problem.

Apears on my Windows XP SP2 Machine. I uninstalled the “old” Version. Restart and then install the actuall version But after the second restart i get the same message box.

Hope that anybody can help.


I have the same problem, and unfortunately no solution: “! The network monitor is offline. Reinstalling may fix the problem.” and clicking to turn it back on doesn’t work. It first happened a month ago and re-installing made the error go away but now it’s back again. There were some Windows updates installed recently (I’m running XP SP2) so that could have something to do with it. Windows update has a way of breaking other software and drivers when you least expect it. I’m going to try reinstalling Comodo again and hope that’s all it was.

Unfortunately, I think you are up against a known issue with CFP where it does not function properly in some multi-user environments.

I know the developers are aware of it, but I’m not sure if there has been a fix, or when it might be addressed. I’ll see what I can find out.

If you try for the reinstall (which won’t hurt), please uninstall in SafeMode, then reboot and install in SafeMode. This way we make sure to eliminate possible conflicts with other active software.