Network Monitor Rules ID #5

ID #5 Block & Log IP in/out any any

that rules when set to “block” makes it so emule cant connect nor bit torrent i am behind a router but as soon as i set the rule to “allow” it works perfect mind this is a fresh install of comodo with all 5 default rules set in place and yes everything is set to allow the application for tcp/udp int out any any

so should i just set the rule to allow all the time or would that make it a huge security risk keeping in mind im behind a firewall


You might want to read the FAQs if you haven’t:,894.0.html

I remember there are tutorials for emule and bit torrent clients there.

[Edit]: Just wanted to mention, if you set the rules to allow connections all the time and your router’s firewall is off(or set to forward all ports all the time), thats is equivalent to not having any protection at all!