Network Monitor Rule Question. [RESOLVED]

Rule Number 5 on my Network Monitor Blocks and Logs IP IN/OUT to and from any IP. This is stopping me from connecting to other printers and computers on my network. Do I really need to have this rule?

-3MB Down 384kb Up. DSL
-Win. XP MCE Sp2
-Admin. Account
-Comodo AV w/ HIPS

Hey Fernjerkle and welcome to the forum (:WAV)
Rule #5 is vital as it blocks everything that you did not explicitly allow. Without it your protection will decrease dramatically.
This is how N(etwork) M(onitor) works:
The rules are applied from top to bottom. So you should always make sure to have a global block rule as your last rule. Allow everything else b4.
What you should do is create a new trusted zone (there’s a wizard to help you if I remember correctly - sorry, I have v3 installed. I also don’t know if “trusted zone” was what it was called in v2 but I’m sure you’ll find the right thing). Then move that rule ABOVE the global block&log rule (now rule #5). This should solve your problem.
If you encounter any problems, post back. I’m sure we can find screenshots of v2 so that I’ll remember all names and how to use this very good firewall.
Hope this helps

P.S. I can see that you’re running XP. Maybe you should try v3 which is even more powerful and a wonderful firewall. Runs like a charm on my computer.

Have a happy holiday

I read through all the turotials/FAQ’s and such and have my firewall working perfectly now. I didn’t know at first they went in order. I had about 4 rules under the block all. >.<